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 BRIEDA vom Slekira,

The Swedish Vallhund


The Swedish Vallhund (SV). An intelligent, hardy, alert, fearless, energetic, friendly and eager to please working breed that has a big dog personality in a small package. 


While they are their own unique breed, one can’t deny the fact that they look like a working sable German shepherd combined with the short sturdy build of a corgi. Almost a mini working shepherd it you will :) 


The SV have a Unique history going back to the age of the Viking. In fact they were once known as the Viking Dog or known as “Vikingarnas Hund”. For centuries they continued to be used as rugged cattle dogs and all purpose ranch hands on Swedish farms. 

Today they continue to make great working dogs and can excel in many dog sports such as herding, agility, obedience or scent work and can make great active companions. 


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AKC Breed standard
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