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Mostly WGW lines

Black sable 

Hip: Normal  / Elbow: Normal

ICERF normal 

AKC  DN30531505
microchip: 151365337A


Kesha is a large, solid and powerfully built black sable female with correct structure and great bone strength. Powerful head with highly intelligent expression. As a very young pup she was proven to be highly intelligent, she was very easy to train and has matured very nicely. She is Naturally guide-able, always responsive, friendly and outgoing disposition with good nerve base. Highly motivated to work. She is enthusiastic and enjoys working, will do anything for a ball. In protection work she is highly determined, barking is consistent and strikes quickly to the sleeve. Kesha demonstrates the true versatility of the working German Shepherd. She has a high drive, but settles nice in the house when the day is done and can can even switch it all off to be a service dog. Good with other dogs, horses & kids of all ages (including veterinary students during demonstration labs).  

Kesha had high level of training and although was never tested in the sport world, proved herself to be a real life personal protection dogs several times over the years, including the apprehension of armed robbers.

For more information on Kesha's sire, Esko: click here.

For more informaion on Kesha's dam, Terra: click here.

pedigree link:

Video 1- OB back in ST Kitts ( 2 years old in this video)

Video 2- protection 1 (teaching a new helper) 

Video 3- protection 2

** Kesha is now in her retirement home getting spoiled every day but keeps in touch with the Vom Slekira pack often!

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sporting a baby bump here

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