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Hayak von Tjärnshaget "Harley"
BH, CGC, FO, P1, PD1

DOB: 5/13/2013

WGW German import

Bi-color male

carries recessive black gene

Hips: SV-a normal

Elbows: SV fast normal

Height: 26"

Weight: 89lbs

AKC # DN39155601

Sz-Nr. 2292971



Harley is an impressive, heavily boned, substantial bi-color male with masculine and strong head.  He  is an athletic male of substantial bone size and beautiful structure with correct working conformation.

Combining great looks with superior functionality, he has the legendary look of the East German bloodlines along with the superior temperament and performance qualities of the west German working lines. 

Unbeatable self-confidence, will go anywhere, anytime and never be unsure. 

Athletic and quick to do anything asked of him. Highly dedicated to the handler, attentive with excellent motivation to please. 

Demonstrating natural guide-ability along with correct execution of the obedience exercises.

Drive for the ball is exactly what it should be, will do anything for it and will always retrieve no matter where it is.

Totally non-threatening character unless challenged, will turn into a knock-down power house in protection if needed!

True working character with great desire to perform, grips are always full and very hard but has the ability to turn it all off at the end of the day.


for some pics of his offspring Click here or visit Avril's page

Video 1- Obedience after a vacation

Video 2- Protection fun and teaching a new Helper

pedigree link:

Harley at 4.5mos

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